Jul 11 2014

Basic Skills For Writing A Technical University Project

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Every university project comes with a challenge. Most students have
very little writing experience. It is even scarier for final year
students that are reading technical or scientific courses. This
article will help to demystify technical writing and give you a very
simple way to produce a good project. The same skills that you use in
describing events are what you need to write a project. All that is
required is to follow the structure for your department project

A technical project follows the common format as most scientific
reports. The common format will include an abstract, an introduction
and at least four chapters which are materials and methods, results,
discussions and references. The following are the basic contents each
of these chapters is expected to have.


In the introduction of a technical project writing, you are expected
to give reasons for the work undertaken and state the objectives. You
have to explain why the research is important and what is expected to
be the result. You can give reasons why the industry will benefit from
the research. Provide a good background for the project and references
to other similar works.

Materials and Methods

A technical writing being a scientific report has to have the
materials and methods properly documented. This is to enable any other
scientist to be able to confirm or repeat the findings of the project.
The steps followed and materials used must be clearly written down
detail. If you are using standardize steps, you could just make a
reference to the name of the procedure.


The results chapter is where you write out your discovery after your
experiment. You might have to use tables or graphs to explain some of
the findings of your technical project. Make sure all your graphs and
tables are properly labeled. Also cross check all to be sure all
references point to the correct graph or table.


In the discussion you are expected to talk about the success of the
project in achieving its objectives. You will also talk about
difficulties and challenges faced in the process. It is also important
to explain your results with reference to previous works in the same
field. What new discovery have you made and in what way does it impact
your field? You can make references to tables and graphs where


There are different types of citations of reference works. Your
department will have one that they use. Ask your supervisor for the
style that is used in the department. In your technical university
project writing, proper reference should be made to all the published
works that were used in the course of the project.

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Apr 26 2014

How To Write Very Good University Projects

Writing a good university project requires planning, attention to detail and following of approved methods. For most graduating students conducting the project is not so difficult. The difficulty comes when it comes to the writing out the project. This article will give you an overview of how to write a very good university project.

A university project is more demanding because the student is now graduating and the supervisor and examiners expect a higher standard of academic performance. You will be given a lot of support at the practical stage of your university project, but when it comes to doing the write up, you are on your own.

Start your project immediately you are given the topic. University projects always have deadlines and it is not good for you to keep asking for extensions. Learn to be organized. Being organized will save you a lot of time that you can use to do a really good work. Get a note book from the first day you start the project work and start taking notes of everything you do. Also note down discoveries and new materials that you might need as the project progresses.

Write out an outline of every a stage of the project. An outline is one of the secrets of writing a very good university project. The outline itemizes the tasks you have to do from stage to stage. As you complete a particular task, cross it off your list and move to the next one. Of course, sometimes you might have to skip a task and go the next one but make sure you find a way to remind yourself about that task so you can go back and finish it.

The following are the main chapters of a university project: Literature Review, Research Design and Research Methodology, Data collection, The Major Findings, Conclusions, and Recommendations, Appendix or References. We cannot provide details of how to go about writing each of these chapters in this article. The main thing is that whatever you write; make your statements clear an unambiguous. Use simple and easily understandable language.

One other thing that will help you to write a good university project is to ensure that you do detail research. Get as much information about the topic as is available. Writing is easier when you have a lot of resources at your disposal. Get help from your supervisor, your school and other schools’ libraries. Also do an extensive search for online materials. Until when I come your way next time.

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Sep 28 2013

Quick Tips On Writing University Projects

Writing your university project could be overwhelming. Sometimes you are simply confused about how to go about the whole process. If you are at odds about how to go about writing a good university project, this article will help you with some quick tips on how to do a good job and make the best of the resources at your disposal.

Start by doing a study on the topic of your course project. Learn as much as you can on the issue to be researched. If there are former graduates in your department that have done projects on similar topics, get them also to add to your reading list. As you read, jot down what you can use for the main points of your project. You can search for resources online and in public libraries.

Write out an outline for your project. Let your structure be well defined. Let each idea be clearly organized and written out. Get as much proof for each of your ideas as possible. Itemizing these details will greatly enhance the readability of your research work.

Your outline should follow the approved  outline for your department. For example, project outline for technical courses could be different for arts etc. Generally, a university project will consist of abstract, introduction, literature review, research design and methodology, data collection, major findings and conclusions.

Start with a rough draft of your project writing. Someone rightly said, 90% of writing is re-writing. Therefore expect to do a lot of re-writing. The rough draft is the way to start, and then you can start making improvements as you get more information. Write with simple English grammar. Your degree project is not the place to show off how well you can speak grammar. Use short sentences and keep your paragraphs short too. Do proper proof reading and check for spelling errors before you print out the final draft.

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