Sep 28 2013

Quick Tips On Writing University Projects

Writing your university project could be overwhelming. Sometimes you are simply confused about how to go about the whole process. If you are at odds about how to go about writing a good university project, this article will help you with some quick tips on how to do a good job and make the best of the resources at your disposal.

Start by doing a study on the topic of your course project. Learn as much as you can on the issue to be researched. If there are former graduates in your department that have done projects on similar topics, get them also to add to your reading list. As you read, jot down what you can use for the main points of your project. You can search for resources online and in public libraries.

Write out an outline for your project. Let your structure be well defined. Let each idea be clearly organized and written out. Get as much proof for each of your ideas as possible. Itemizing these details will greatly enhance the readability of your research work.

Your outline should follow the approved  outline for your department. For example, project outline for technical courses could be different for arts etc. Generally, a university project will consist of abstract, introduction, literature review, research design and methodology, data collection, major findings and conclusions.

Start with a rough draft of your project writing. Someone rightly said, 90% of writing is re-writing. Therefore expect to do a lot of re-writing. The rough draft is the way to start, and then you can start making improvements as you get more information. Write with simple English grammar. Your degree project is not the place to show off how well you can speak grammar. Use short sentences and keep your paragraphs short too. Do proper proof reading and check for spelling errors before you print out the final draft.

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Mar 11 2012

Essential Skills In University Project Writing

It is very important to start your university project work with a thorough reading and understanding of the project topic. It will not be too fine for you to discover after putting in a lot of work that you have been doing the wrong thing. If you are not too clear about what to do, call your supervisor and let him put you through. You can also ask a post-graduate student in your department to help you.

Know the scope of your university project. The scope includes the area you are to cover, your submission deadline and the size of your final project. Different university departments have a minimum number of pages that the project should be. Project works that are below the scope are usually rejected.

Basic time management is also an important skill for writing a university project. Starting the work on time will give you enough time to do a good job. Write out the different steps to be taken from the beginning to the end of the project. This will help you to maximize your time by doing the right thing at the right time. Take time to write and re-write the chapters until they are presentable.

Writing style should be kept as clear and simple as possible. You are writing for an academic audience not writing a story. The writing of your university project is essentially an academic report of research carried out by you. Your ability to communicate this report accurately is important. Avoid complicated phrases an ambiguous terms.

The discussion chapter is where you are expected to show the relationship between your findings and your university project topic. It should also show progression from previous works of other researchers. Take your time to deal with every research question raised. Any change in methodology and materials and reasons for the change should also be explained.

References are very important in academic works, university projects inclusive. Be very detailed in acknowledging every piece of information that you used from other people’s work. There are different acceptable formats of referencing for different departments. Check your department to be sure you follow the right format.

The last essential skill is proof reading. A project writing filled with errors stands the risk of being rejected or penalized with low marks. Do proper proof reading to ensure that your university project writing is free of errors. Expect more of this…

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Oct 13 2011

Effective University Project Writing

An effective university project is one that produces the right result on its completion. It is well-written, well-presented and is marked perfect by the examiners and they are compelled to award the highest marks. For your university project to be an effective one, there a couple of things you need to know and put into practice.

A university project is more than the experiments that were conducted. No matter how good and well carried-out your study was, you need to learn proper project writing skills to make a proper presentation. And otherwise great university project can be destroyed by poor writing skills.

Examiners are looking for your ability to establish criteria,  present arguments and bring out principles. They also want to check the way you pose and provide answers to questions. Your ability to express your experience and knowledge gained during the project in a logical form is what they are looking for. This is what effective university project writing is all about.

For you to be truly effective in writing your university project, you have to start on time.  Start your university project on time and start making notes the very day you start. This will help you not to miss any essential detail of your project throughout its duration. Without taking these notes diligently, when the time comes to start the project writing properly, you would have missed some important facts that can cost you marks.

At the beginning, do not bother much about your writing style. Your aim at this stage is to ensure that every piece of information is written down. After you have gotten all your information, then you can start arranging them into chapters. There are standard formats of presentation of project work for different university departments. Find out the format for your department and follow it.

One of the most important things in effective  project writing is precision. Let your writing be precise. Go straight to the point. Let your words be simple and easily understandable. Steer clear of ambiguity. Use the right words to pass your points across. Use short sentences and short paragraphs (like this article).

You have absolutely no excuse for spelling and grammatical errors. Use a word processor to proof-read your work and check for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. You could also get someone to do this for you. If you are using diagrams in your university project, make sure that that they are properly labeled with legends and place them at the appropriate chapters. Do not put your illustrations at the appendix.Expect more in the next article.

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