Sep 20 2014

How To Overcome The Hard Task Of Writing University Project

A university project should not be a difficult task. The reverse, however is the case for a lot of graduating students. A lot of students are overwhelmed by this last important task of their undergraduate career. If you are amongst this number, then read on. This article will give you the key points that will help you to write a good project that will impress your supervisor and examiners and get you the excellent marks that you desire.

Do a good work on the abstract and introduction. Make them crisp and compelling. As the saying goes, first impressions matter most. Write a catchy abstract and introduction to catch the reader’s attention immediately. The mistake most students make is to write dull introductions. Bright, short and sharp introductions set a good pace for your entire university project work. Most examiners start thinking about the mark they will award after reading your abstract and introduction.

Do proper and in-depth research for your topic. Ask your supervisor for the best writing for your project. Go out of your way to get as much materials as you can. You could search online, visit public libraries etc.Project writing is easier when there is an abundance of resources at your disposal.

Request for and obtain the outline for projects in your university department. Working with this outline will help you to do a better work. Define the scope and structure of your project from the start. Stay very close to the main idea as much as you can. Do not allow unnecessary digression.

Make proper and detailed observations in your research. If you are conducting experiments, follow standard scientific practices. In the chapter on discussions, define meanings and clarify ideas. Make good comparisons with previous works in the literature review. Provide enough evidence that proves the validity of your university project.

Proof read carefully. Mistakes in grammar and misspelling only make your supervisor to consider you as a careless student. You can enlist friends and family. Let them read through, criticize and offer suggestions.

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Aug 17 2014

University Project Writing Tips You Will Want To Follow

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If you are in the final year in the university and you are having problems writing your project, then you have come to the right place. Project writing could be an overwhelming experience if you don’t know how to go about it. You cannot afford to toy with this all important last task of your university studies. This is why you should go through this article very well. The tips will help you to write a better project and get higher marks.

Make the best use of the time given for the university project. The moment you are assigned a supervisor, go and meet him or her and get you topic. If the supervisor does not have time for you, you might have to apply for a change of project supervisor. This will give you a lot of time to do proper research and get the required materials for the project.

When you have been given a topic calculate the time that you have and draw out a plan.Plan the number of days or weeks you can afford to spend on each part of the project like research, experiments and the actual project writing. Give some extra time for unforeseen circumstances. This will give you enough time to present a well written university project.

Time management will also help you to reduce the burden of your university project. Don’t attempt to write the entire project at once. Write chapter by chapter one at a time.Once you get the information that you want to put in any chapter, write it down immediately. As you continue to do this day to day, you will soon have all you want to write in each chapter. Since you have a lot of time you can do a little each week and still meet the time deadline.

Once you have got everything down, the next step is to rewrite it following the approved standards of projects for your department. Make spelling corrections and check for grammatical errors. You cam

also look for a friend to help you to do the proofreading.An outsider will spot errors quicker than you would.

Work towards submitting your university project several weeks before the deadline. Your supervisor will have to read the project work and point out errors. This will be done a couple of times until the
project satisfies all demands. Then you will have produced a very great work. Good luck.

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Jul 11 2014

Basic Skills For Writing A Technical University Project

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Every university project comes with a challenge. Most students have
very little writing experience. It is even scarier for final year
students that are reading technical or scientific courses. This
article will help to demystify technical writing and give you a very
simple way to produce a good project. The same skills that you use in
describing events are what you need to write a project. All that is
required is to follow the structure for your department project

A technical project follows the common format as most scientific
reports. The common format will include an abstract, an introduction
and at least four chapters which are materials and methods, results,
discussions and references. The following are the basic contents each
of these chapters is expected to have.


In the introduction of a technical project writing, you are expected
to give reasons for the work undertaken and state the objectives. You
have to explain why the research is important and what is expected to
be the result. You can give reasons why the industry will benefit from
the research. Provide a good background for the project and references
to other similar works.

Materials and Methods

A technical writing being a scientific report has to have the
materials and methods properly documented. This is to enable any other
scientist to be able to confirm or repeat the findings of the project.
The steps followed and materials used must be clearly written down
detail. If you are using standardize steps, you could just make a
reference to the name of the procedure.


The results chapter is where you write out your discovery after your
experiment. You might have to use tables or graphs to explain some of
the findings of your technical project. Make sure all your graphs and
tables are properly labeled. Also cross check all to be sure all
references point to the correct graph or table.


In the discussion you are expected to talk about the success of the
project in achieving its objectives. You will also talk about
difficulties and challenges faced in the process. It is also important
to explain your results with reference to previous works in the same
field. What new discovery have you made and in what way does it impact
your field? You can make references to tables and graphs where


There are different types of citations of reference works. Your
department will have one that they use. Ask your supervisor for the
style that is used in the department. In your technical university
project writing, proper reference should be made to all the published
works that were used in the course of the project.

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